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1 December 2016

Southwest Independent School District in San Antonio, TX has again selected Centurion Solutions to provide comprehensive and expert all hazards threat, security, and vulnerability assessment and appropriate analysis for each of its twenty-four (24) locations encompassing instructional and non-instructional facilities.  The assessment and analysis will provide SWISD with effective and timely research analysis, evaluation, and recommendations which will allow the District to formulate plans to further enhance facilities and provide a safe environment for students and staff alike.   The assessments are in accordance with Texas Education Code §37.108. 

1 Novemeber 2016

After months of design and coordination, Centurion Solutions facilitated the Coordination of Multiple Incident Sites (CMIS) on behalf of the City of Houston.  This six-hour discussion-based exercise focused on the regional command structure necessary for multiple site coordination and situational awareness of terrorism incidents, but did not include tactical operation discussions.  Partners from the 13 counties and cities within the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC), as well as regional, state and federal agencies, participated in exercise planning and execution, over 135 participants.

October 12-14 2016

Centurion Solutions attended the SouthEast Texas Regional Advisory Council’s 8th Annual Preparedness Coalition Symposium. The symposium was an opportunity for national collaboration, sharing of information, best practices, and new innovations. This 2 ½ day event promoted resiliency in the healthcare community and featured guest speakers and panel discussions covering a variety of subjects related to healthcare, preparedness, and security.

28 September 2016

Centurion Solutions has been selected by the Kentucky Community and Technical College System to serve as an ongoing operational partner to assist it enhancing both their emergency preparedness and Clery/Title IX posture across their state-wide system of 16 colleges.  Our team, working closely with KCTCS, will assist each college in updating their Emergency Operations Plans and related emergency response capabilities.  This two plus year contract allows Centurion Solutions the opportunity to assist KCTCS in both its emergency preparedness, but also to respond to crisis affecting any of the campuses.

26 May 2016

Centurion Solutions designed and delivered the Baylor University Emergency Preparedness Functional Exercise, a campus-wide multi-agency effort with participation from over 50 individuals from 8 participating agencies and organizations from the full spectrum of state, and local governments.  Every major department within the University participated. 

This exercise was planned for a maximum of 7 hours an conducted on the campus in Waco, TX. Exercise play was limited to the response management and coordination occurring within the initial hours of an active shooter event occurring on the University grounds. The focus was on the operations, coordination, and information sharing conducted at a simulated Incident Command Post, Emergency Operations Center, and the University’s Executive Group.  The exercise After Action Conference will be conducted in July.

19 May 2016

We are excited to announce that the Houston Galveston Area Council Board of Directors awarded Centurion Solutions and Team Centurion (Disaster Preparedness and Response Solutions, Nusura, PATouchard Consulting, Target Restoration Services and Pabulum Consulting) a contract for All Hazards Preparedness, Planning, Consulting & Recovery Services for use by members of HGACBuy. HGACBuy is a purchasing cooperative, over 30 years old and specializes in high ticket, capital intensive products and services that require technical, detailed specifications and extensive professional skills to evaluate bid responses. All products offered through HGACBuy have been awarded by virtue of a public competitive process. There are no annual membership dues required to purchase thru HGACBuy. This nationwide contract will allow Centurion Solutions and Team Centurion to better meet the needs of clients across the U.S.

17 May 2016

Centurion Solutions is pleased to announce that we were awarded a contract with the Aldine Independent School District to provide Disaster Preparedness, Security, Safety, Risk Management & Risk Mitigation Consulting Services for the district.  AISD, a public school district based in Aldine, TX serves portions of Houston and unincorporated Harris County, has a total enrollment of more than 69,716 children 78 separate schools, and approximately 4,200 teachers and staff.

3 May 2016

The City of Houston, on behalf of the Houston Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) selected Centurion Solutions LLC to design and deliver a Multiple Incidents Sites exercise for the region. 

The exercise will test various functions including Unified Command, EOC, Public Information, Public Warning and Coordination, Information Sharing, Regional Response and Support. The exercise will be conducted in a group setting with agencies from across the area. Planning and design are underway.

April 5-8 2016

Centurion Solutions LLC will be attending the Texas Emergency Management Conference in San Antonio this year. Come say Hi and look for us in booth 1022.


Sign up to attend the conference here 

​6 January 2016

Centurion Solutions attended the Multi-Jurisdictional Improvised Explosive Device Security Planning First Responder Workshop held at the McLennan Community College Emergency Services Education Center in Waco, TX. Presented by DHS’s Office for Bombing Presentation, the 8-hour workshop offered an opportunity to understand the issues involved with preparing for and responding to coordinated terrorist threats and attacks at multiple locations. It provided detailed information on the threat and considerations intended to focus on overall decision making for prevention, protection, and response processes.  Over 50 individuals representing multiple agencies and jurisdictions across central Texas participated in the event sponsored by Waco/McLennan County OEM and the Baylor University Department of Public Safety.

Centurion Solutions training put to the test:

Centurion Solutions LLC provided Mass Fatality training and exercises to the Heart of Texas region in 2015.  On July 20th 2015 a multi car accident involving 3 fatalities and 6 injured occurred in Freestone County. Both state and local agencies responded to the incident, including 6 medical helicopters, shutting down southbound traffic on I-45 for 6 hours. First responders attribute the training they received during the Heart of Texas Regional Mass Fatality Program to their seamless response to the incident.  

For More Information visit The Freestone County Times or Click here.

22 December 2015

We are proud to announce our selection to provide a Safety Program Evaluation and Enhancement Program for the Utilities & Energy Services (UES) Department of Texas A&M University. Our expert professional safety management team firm will perform an independent evaluation and assessment of the current safety management system at UES; perform gap analysis of the current program; develop findings and recommendations compatible with appropriate established safety standards, including NFPA 70E and the American Public Power Association ; present detailed recommendations for improvement and expansion of the UES safety program; and provide an Action Plan and facilitate implementation of recommendations, if desired.

16 Novmeber 2015

Alvin Independent School District has awarded Centurion Solutions a three-year contract to provide as needed Safety and Security Consulting services for the district.

Centurion Solutions Training Put To The Test

Centurion Solutions LLC provided Mass Fatality training and exercises to the Heart of Texas region in 2015.  On July 20th 2015 a multi car accident involving 3 fatalities and 6 injured occurred in Freestone County. Both state and local agencies responded to the incident, including 6 medical helicopters, shutting down southbound traffic on I-45 for 6 hours. First responders attribute the training they received during the Heart of Texas Regional Mass Fatality Program to their seamless response to the incident.  

For More Information visit The Freestone County Times or Click here.

12 August 2015

Over 30 participants, representing Baylor University, the City of Waco, McLennan County, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, as well as vendors providing services to the McLane Stadium, attended a disaster response exercise geared to enable the University staff as well as local and state stakeholders to be better equipped to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a disaster incident affecting the Stadium and Baylor University. The scenario focused on the first hour of an incident which caused numerous casualties exceeding on-scene First Responder capabilities.  Participants were exceptionally pleased with the exercise, with the Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Operations calling it “the best exercise we have ever conducted.”  Centurion Solutions designed and facilitated the exercise.

31 July 2015

Centurion Solutions, teaming with our partner, BOLDplanning, has been selected to provide FEMA-compliant Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP) and Emergency Operations Plans (EOP) for Williamson County, TX.  BOLDplanning will prime this project, with Centurion Solutions providing COOP and EOP planners and subject matter experts to assist in the development and finalization of the plans.  BOLDplanning & Centurion Solutions will provide Williamson County with a full package of software tools, subject matter expertise and proven project management to ensure the development of a strong internal response team and detailed, compliant planning elements.  The project is slated to begin after the beginning of the next fiscal year.


14 July 2015

Centurion Solutions is proud to announce that it has been selected by Baylor University to design and deliver a Tabletop Exercise for the Athletic and Public Safety Departments. The exercise, schedule to occur in August 2015, will be focused on enabling the University to prepare for and respond to an emergency should one occur at McLane Stadium during a high capacity event.  Centurion Solutions will work with the core planning team from the University to refine goals and objectives, and then conduct the exercise with participants from across the University, the local community, and State of Texas agencies such as the Department of Public Safety.

May 2015

Working closely with the Heart of Texas Council of Governments and Falls, Freestone, and Bosque Counties, Centurion Solutions designed and delivered three Senior Officials Workshops (each with a Tabletop exercise) focused on enhancing the preparedness of the local county leadership.  Attendees included County Judges, County Commissioners, City Mayors, senior representatives from local First Response agencies, private industry, VOADs, and stakeholders from key State of Texas agencies.

26 March 2015

Over 200 participants from local, county, and state emergency response agencies, hospitals, as well as multiple volunteer agencies such as the Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Amateur Radio, and CERT teams took part in the day long Brazos Valley Regional Mass Fatality Full Scale Exercise on Thursday, 26 March 2015.  Playing from multiple locations across the seven county region, the exercise provided participants the opportunity to assess the individual and collective tasks necessary to respond to and conduct mass fatality response operations to include those related to fatality management & recovery, Family Assistance Center (FAC) operations, emergency operations center management, resource management, and communications.  The single day full scale exercise was designed, conducted, and evaluated in compliance with the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program.    Centurion Solutions, working in conjunction with members of the exercise planning team, designed and delivered the exercise on behalf of the Brazos Valley Regional Council of Governments. 

24 March 2015

The Central Texas Council of Governments sponsored a single day regional mass fatality incident response functional exercise which brought together representatives from local, county, and state emergency response agencies, hospitals, and volunteer agencies on March 25th in Belton, TX.  The exercise allowed the agencies to practice their skills while assessing their plans and SOPs in a no-fault learning environment which simulated many of the issues associated with a disaster caused by a tornado.  The six hour exercise allowed participants to work issues related to incident management, emergency operations, resource management, communications, family assistance and fatality management.  Centurion Solutions, working in conjunction with the exercise planning team composed of representatives from across the region, designed and delivered the exercise in accordance with the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program.

26 February 2015

Centurion Solutions assisted the Heart of Texas Council of Governments enhance regional preparedness by designing and managing a single day Mass Fatality Incident Response Functional Exercise.  Conducted at the new, state of the art McLane Stadium at Baylor University, the exercise brought together more than 100 participants from across the six county region to include elected officials, emergency response agencies, and volunteer organizations from local, regional and state agencies.  The exercise focused participants on the details associated with a mass fatality incident, and included site operations, emergency management, resource management, and family assistance center operations. 

15 November 2014

Centurion Solutions, working with JMG Logistics, Disaster Preparedness and Response Solutions plus our team of subject matter experts, has designed and are prepared to deliver infectious Disease Preparedness Training for Nurses, Physicians & Healthcare Workers anywhere in the U.S. or around the world.  Based on the best practices, lessons learned, guidance from the CDC, NIH, and HHS - as well as our team’s experience - this training incorporates the proper donning and doffing of the personal protective equipment (PPE); decontamination of medical materials and facilities; infection control;  active monitoring; environmental safety; management of hazardous medical waste;  aspects of clinical care to include managing a fatality; packaging, shipping and handling laboratory specimens; and other areas essential for the safety of healthcare workers.  Contact us for additional information!

29 October 2014

Heart of Texas Conducts Regional Mass Fatality Exercise. The Heart of Texas Council of Governments sponsored a single day regional Mass Fatality Tabletop Exercise (TTX) for over 60 individuals from across the region on October 29th.  Held at the McLennan Community College Emergency Services Education Center, the exercise was developed and facilitated by Centurion Solutions.  Focused specifically on some of the key aspects of a mass fatality incident (coordination and communications, morgue operations, family assistance) the TTX brought together representatives from multiple agencies, jurisdictions, and organizations to include local, state, and volunteer agencies.  Participants were provided the opportunity to review the scenario and then discuss how best to respond to the incident in small groups.  Centurion Solutions’ facilitation team guided the TTX and provided subject matter expertise as well as lessons learned from significant incidents, best practices, as well as state and national guidelines.

28 October 2014

Central Texas Council of Governments Conducts Regional Mass Fatality Tabletop Exercise. Centurion Solutions designed and delivered a Tabletop Exercise (TTX) for the Central Texas Council of Governments on Tuesday Oct 28, 2014.  More than 80 individuals from across the region, representing local, state, and federal agencies as well as private enterprises participated.  The TTX provided the region an opportunity to review key aspects of mass fatality incident operations, enhanced their knowledge of both mass fatality incident operations and their draft Regional Mass Fatality Management Plan, and provided participants the opportunity to enhance their capabilities to prepare and respond to such an incident.

1 September 2014

Centurion Solutions is pleased to report that we have been selected by the Central Texas Council of Governments (CTCOG), an organization representing the governments of a 7 county region in central Texas (which includes Ft. Hood, the largest military installation in the U.S.) to assist them in their mass fatality preparedness program.  The project includes a review and update of their current plans, training, and the development and delivery of two exercises. 

15 August 2014

The Heart of Texas Council of Governments (HOTCOG), an organization made up of over 80 member governments - counties, cities, school districts, community colleges, and special districts - serving a geographic area covering Bosque, Falls, Freestone, Hill, Limestone and McLennan counties across central Texas has selected Centurion Solutions to provide regional mass fatality preparedness planning, training and exercises.  The program which began September 1st, will encompass a review of the regional mass fatality plan, training on specific aspects of mass fatality response, as well as the design and delivery of a Tabletop and a Functional Exercise.

Save the Date!

The Brazos Valley Council of Governments is sponsoring a Mass Fatality Conference at the College Station Hilton Hotel October 7 – 8, 2014.  This two day event being facilitated by Centurion Solutions, is open to the public and will include presentations by nationally recognized leaders in fields associated with a mass fatality incident as well as case studies and an in-depth review of the regional Mass Fatality Preparedness Plan.   Additional information and registration can be found at

1 May 2014

Centurion Solutions is pleased to have been selected to provide the City of Southlake, TX with a comprehensive safety program which enables the City to enhance their ability to prevent accidents through proper hazard identification; management commitment and support; development of preventive and corrective procedures, monitoring, and evaluation; and employee training. The project – which includes an in-depth safety assessment and the development of both a Risk Management Plan and Safety policy Manual -   is underway and scheduled for completion prior to September 2014.

14 April 2014

Centurion Solutions is pleased to announce that it has been selected to design and deliver Emergency Operations Center training for hospital staff from across the entire area supported by the Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Council (SETRAC) - 28 counties, and 120 hospitals.  These introductory level classes are designed to prepare hospital staff to understand the role, design, and functions of Emergency Operations Centers and their relationships as components of a multi-agency coordination system. The training contained disaster-related examples, activities and case studies that related to hospital EOC's, and incorporated an understanding of multi-agency coordination systems at the local, state and federal levels of government – as well as how the hospital EOC integrated into such systems as the regional Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC).

31 March 2014

Centurion Solutions recently was awarded a contract to provide workshop management and facilitation for five (5) workshops focused on the county’s pandemic influenza response plans.  Working with Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services (HCPHES) our team will identify key components of the county’s plans and then facilitate discussions aimed at building consensus and identifying areas for correction as they apply to three different target audiences – the general public, community stakeholders, and senior regional healthcare executives.  The workshops will address two general areas of focus as they relate to pandemic influenza operations – mass care and mass fatality.  Our facilitators will guide workshop attendees to understand the trigger points related to operational decisions associated with mass care and mass fatality operations such as crisis standards of care; roles and responsibilities of individuals, governments, and healthcare; activation protocols; media messaging/public information, response procedures and plans.  The workshops will provide the healthcare community and the public an opportunity to provide feedback on the PHS plan of action related to these critical issues.


15 October 2013

Centurion Solutions, supported by JMG Logistics, was selected to design and deliver two separate but connected full scale exercises that provided the state of Alabama and selected communities the opportunity to assess individual and collective tasks necessary to conduct alert, activation, and mass prophylaxis operations related to the Strategic National Stockpile.  The exercise program will be developed in accordance with the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation (HSEEP) program and include the conduct of four meetings – a Coordination & Objectives, Initial, Mid and Final Planning Meetings. The exercises – scheduled for June 2014 - will incorporate directives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as Alabama Department of Public Health and Department of Emergency Management. 

9 October 2013

Centurion Solutions, along with the Brazos Valley Council of Governments, Texas Engineering Extension Service, the Brazos Valley Regional Advisory Council, KAGS TV and the Bryan/College Station Visitors Bureau, sponsored a one day seminar on school and juvenile violence - “How Kids Are Learning to Kill and Learning to Like It”. Presented by LTC Dave Grossman, an internationally recognized scholar, author, soldier, and speaker considered one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of human aggression and the roots of violence and violent crime. A West Point psychology professor and a former Army Ranger, Dave Grossman has combined his experiences to become the founder of a new scientific endeavor, which has been termed “killology.”


The school safety seminar today was focused at educators and law enforcement to encourage them to prepare as well for a violent intruder as they train for fires.  LTC Grossman focuses on preventative tactics in order to avoid situations like the Columbine and Sandy Hook shootings, believing that school violence is a much higher killer of children at school than any other type of emergency combined.  LTC Grossman travels across the country teaching educators and law enforcement preventative tactics to use before a violent situation arises. "We're negligent if we don't prepare for the possibility of violence," said Grossman. "We can save those lives."


LTC Grossman is the author of “On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society, nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in 1995, and is the co-author of the critically acclaimed book “Stop Teaching our Kids to Kill: A Call to Action Against TV, Movie, and Video Game Violence.” He has testified before U.S. Congressional Committees and has written numerous encyclopedia entries on the subject of violence and aggression. LTC Grossman served as a key trainer for school and mental health professionals in the aftermath of the Jonesboro, AR, Virginia Tech University, Springfield, OR, and Littleton, CO, and Sandy Hook, CT massacres, and was a consultant in the trial of the Paducha, KY, school murders.

2 October 2013

Centurion Solutions was notified today that it has been selected to provide a system wide School Safety and Security Audit for the Southwest Independent School District (SWISD).  Located in San Antonio, TX, SWISD is the sixth largest district in Bexar County, with 13 campuses, 11,531 students and over 1,500 employees.  Centurion Solutions’ Vice President for Emergency Management & Response Programs, will lead the project which requires our team of safety and security experts to assess 23 locations within the ISD using audit checklists designed by the Texas School Safety Center and augmented by guidance provided in the U.S. Secret Service’s Threat Assessment in Schools –A Guide To Managing Threatening Situations And To Creating Safe School Climates.

15 September 2013

Centurion Solutions , teaming with JMG Logistics as Team Centurion, has been awarded a contract from the state of Alabama’s Department of Public Health (ADPH) to design and deliver two full scale Strategic National Stockpile Distribution and Dispensing exercises simulating the state’s capability to perform  Receipt, Stage and Store (RSS) distribution, and Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) dispensing operations.  This multi day, multiple location exercise program will be delivered in the summer of 2014, and will be developed in accordance with DHS’s Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP).  Working closely with the ADPH’s Center for Emergency Preparedness, Team Centurion’s subject matter experts will design exercises that meet and exceed all ADPH, HSEEP, Center for Disease Control’s Medical Countermeasure Distribution and Dispensing, and U.S. Department of Public Health Hospital Preparedness program requirements, to include the development of a comprehensive After Action Report and Improvement Plan.

17 June 2013

Centurion Solutions LLC is excited to announce our award of a five year contract (with an option for renewal for an additional 5 years) with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to provide expert professional consultation, evaluation and coordination of services addressing specialized health care and health safety related issues.  Partnering with the Massachusetts based Common Wealth Management Services LLC, the Disaster Response Training Institute, Business Continuity Management Partners and Deaf Link, the Centurion led team will provide services focusing on our disaster preparedness, emergency medical, public health and healthcare facility consulting capabilities, in addition to more specialized health and safety projects.


12 June 2013

Doug Jackson, CEO of Centurion Solutions, was asked to help facilitate the Emergency Support Function (ESF) #8 - Public Health and Medical Services After Action Review (AAR) for city of West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion.  Hosted by the Heart of Texas Regional Advisory Council (HOTRAC), this event brought together all ESF-8 agencies (EMS, hospitals, Air Ambulance, and Public Health agencies) that participated in the response efforts, as well as the Incident Commander, senior representatives from the Waco-McLennan County Emergency Management Team, the Texas Department of Public Safety, the District Disaster Committee, and the Texas Division of Emergency Management.


Led by Mr. Jackson and Roger Sheridan (Brazos Valley Council of Governments Public Safety Program Manager), the AAR consisted of a review of the agencies response to the incident as well as their assessment of alert notification procedures, communications, surge, and mass casualty operations.  The over 50 participants analyzed their operations and identified multiple areas they felt needed to be sustained or improved.  Items identified for improvement were captured and will be addressed in detail over the coming months.


8 March 2013

Centurion Solutions is pleased to announce our award to provide the Montgomery County Hospital District with security analysis and planning services.  The contract specifies our assessment and development of security specific plans supporting the county’s Strategic National Stockpile operations within their proposed Points of Dispensing.


11 April 2013

Centurion Solutions’ Team Centurion (composed of Centurion Solutions, Texas A&M Health Science Center, School of Rural Public Health; the Disaster Response Training Institute; Nova Biologicals, Inc.; Deaf Link; 4PL Technology Solutions) was awarded a 5 year contract worth up to $2M with the Texas Department of State Health Services to provide comprehensive and expert Disaster Plan development services and assist the State of Texas in effective and timely research, analysis, development, writing, and evaluation of public health and medical services prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery plans.  



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