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Safety: the state of being "safe, of being protected against harm”

At Centurion Solutions, we believe that every organization – whether in the public or private sector - needs to apply good safety practices and risk management into every aspect of their operations. A good Safety Program will enhance profits, increase effort, and go far towards making the organization a happy, worry free work place.


We recognize that risk and hazards are everywhere, and that no amount of effort can remove them from our lives. But at Centurion Solutions we believe safety to be a process which incorporates analysis, planning, training, and management, and only by incorporating all these factors can organizations take control and achieve an acceptable level of risk.


Our Safety Team is trained and experienced in a wide range of safety related issues. Their capabilities encompass accident prevention and forensic assignments for both products and environments; including system safety analyses to reduce and control hazards and demonstrate compliance with federal, state, local and voluntary codes and standards.



Centurion Solutions’ Safety Team members are certified in multiple areas, and come from a variety of disciplines and industry experiences - we have the technical and hands-on experience to better address essential safety issues associated with your requirements.


Centurion Solutions’ Team has experience spanning across almost every industry and can provide services that are on or off site, large or small scale, simple or complex.



Our capabilities include:


  • Safety Regulation Compliance

  • Job Safety Analysis

  • Risk Analysis

  • Accident Prevention Analyses

  • Organizational Safety Program Development

  • Individual and Team Training

  • Safety Team Development

  • Accident Investigation/Reconstruction



Let us design a Safety Program that meets your needs, risks, and organizational requirements.



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