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We know that the security of personnel, facilities and property is of the utmost importance to our clients. We understand the threats, risks, and hazards you face, and we excel at developing solutions to create a more secure environment.   Our solutions are flexible, yet comprehensive, and they reflect your critical needs. Our approach, refined by our staff's military, private security, and law enforcement experience offers high caliber, in-depth assessments, analyses and security management plans, as well as advanced training for agencies worldwide. 

  • Comprehensive Threat & Risk Assessments

  • Active Shooter/Active Assailant Preparedness & Response

  • Red Teaming

  • Critical Infrastructure Threat Analysis/Assessment

  • Intelligence - Reporting, Surveillance, Fusion

  • School & Hospital Campus Security

  • Personal Security/Executive Protection/Awareness

  • Technology Integration/CPTED

  • Anti-terrorism/Force Protection

  • Event/Venue Security Requirements

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